TAC Energy Launches New Online Customer Portal

“ENERGIZE Online” is mobile optimized, available for customers

DALLAS, Texas (May 4, 2015) – TAC Energy, a division of The Arnold Companies, has launched a new product that provides an improved user interface for managing fuel purchase transactions. Titled “ENERGIZE Online”, the product is available for TAC Energy customers.

phone orderOptimized for smartphones and tablets, the online portal not only allows for placing detailed fuel orders remotely, but can be used by customers to review order history by location, date, confirm fuel deliveries or other criteria. Additionally, a growing library of online tools are under development that can be added or even customized per user.

According to TAC Energy VP & COO Fred Sloan, “The advantages of a mobile ready ordering process brings the power right into one’s hand.  Our customer base isn’t tied to the desktop computer, fax or even telephone anymore – they have asked and we are delivering.  It’s fast, accurate and efficient.” He adds that features such as products allowed for purchase, gallon limits, location authorization and more can be mapped out per location, log-in, or any number of user specified criteria.

Another feature of Energize Online is the product is not app based, but built on HTML 5. TAC’s VP and CIO Michael Davis said, “We did the research before developing this product. The trend in technology is for more of these kinds of products to be totally web browser accessible rather than the traditional iOS or Android app. And it makes sense for our customers. Now, when a customer changes phones or maybe needs to order from another phone or tablet, the hassle of downloading or updating apps is eliminated.”

Those interested in viewing Energize Online from a computer, tablet or smartphone can take an online tour by going to tacenergy.com and clicking on the icon of the tablet with the caption “ENERGIZE Online”.

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