Chattanooga Airport’s Fixed Base Operation Continues Operating at a Loss Regardless of FAA Part 16 Decision.

DALLAS, Texas (October 8, 2013) – While we strongly disagree with the FAA’s decision on the Part 16 complaint, it has not changed the fundamentals of the situation.  Using taxpayer funds, the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority (CMAA) has developed an FBO that competes unfairly with private business.  The FAA’s decision sets a dangerous precedent which will drive private investment away from airports.

To date, the CMAA has lost more than $1.2 million dollars operating their FBO, which brought unnecessary capacity to the airport, with no end in sight.  It is our hope that eventually common sense will prevail so Tennessee taxpayers and all users of the Chattanooga Airport will stop being forced to subsidize the CMAA’s FBO, managed by Wilson Air Center. For more information, log on to




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