Clark Brands Announces Preferred Supplier Agreement with TAC


TEXARKANA, Texas (February 18, 2008) – Clark Brands has selected TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, as a Preferred Vendor for Petroleum Supply. TAC Energy will be recommended by Clark to those Clark Licensees seeking to expand and improve their petroleum supply options.

“We believe the addition of TAC Energy to our Preferred Petroleum Suppliers further enhances the value of the Clark brand for our Licensees,” said Karl Goodhouse, Clark’s president. “Clark Licensees manage their own supply cost of goods by purchasing their best supply cost everyday. We’re pleased to be able to recommend TAC Energy to those Licensees who are seeking to enhance their businesses with a new source of competitive supply. TAC Energy has fuel available in every one of the 26 states we’re in today and, because they have a strong fuel supply network that encompasses all 50 states, they’ll be there as we enter new markets.”

John Rettiger, TAC Energy Vice President, said, “We are excited to be partnering with the Clark brand as a Preferred Petroleum Supplier. We find that the Clark Brand is very appealing to retailers who want all the benefits of a branded retail program, while maintaining complete control over how they run their business. Our role at TAC Energy is to provide each Clark customer with guaranteed fuel supply at the lowest possible cost, every day.” TAC Energy is also a Clark Brand Licensee with several locations flying the Clark brand in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.


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