TAC Energy Online Ordering Portal Offers Customers Customization and Real Time Data

DALLAS, Texas (May 5, 2017) – TAC Energy announced today updates to the company’s robust and comprehensive online ordering portal that allows clients to customize all aspects of the ordering process. The portal provides customers the ability to apply for credit, place and track orders, lock-in spot fuel prices and receive quotes – all through online access or via their mobile device.

“This portal is a state-of-the-art automated delivery system that is rare in our industry,” said Fred Sloan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of TAC Energy. “It gives our customers the advantage and convenience of customizing every aspect of their order which, when placed, immediately initiates a direct follow up and provides access to our team’s around-the-clock customer service.”

The online credit application is brief and provides ease of use to new or returning customers, with notification of final approval in 48 hours or less.

Fuel orders may be placed online, or over a smartphone or tablet, with specific fields for requested delivery date, actual delivery date, fuel cost and the ability to track current or previous orders. TAC Energy’s immediate order confirmation concludes the brief process for customers. Customers also have the option to grant access to managers at their various locations, allowing for different levels of access and permissions for fuel purchasing. 

TAC Energy has, for some time, offered the advantage of real time data for its spot fuel purchases online. Fixing spot volumes at market prices is another key feature offered through the online ordering portal and includes the option to customize volume and delivery windows. Immediate order confirmation follows every transaction. 

“As one of the largest independent fuel marketers in the nation, it is important that we remain on the cutting edge of technology to best serve our customers’ ever-changing needs,” said Sloan. “TAC Energy has always been known as a customer service-focused organization. When we acquired Mutual Oil Company in the Boston area last spring, we vowed to offer not only a nationwide network of terminals, but also the most complete service package in the industry and this new technological solution is a part of fulfilling that promise.”

The portal allows for product quotes in real-time, in that customers may see pricing for any product for which they are configured, at any time. Access to current and past invoices, as well as the ability to import information into a client’s back office system, provides additional efficiency for both the customer and TAC Energy.

About TAC Energy

TAC Energy is a Dallas, Texas based independent national wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products. Customers include unbranded gasoline and diesel retailers, industrial users, transportation, trucking, government, utilities, mining, construction, plus any other commercial user or reseller of fuel. TAC Energy has an annualized fuel volume of well over 1.5 billion gallons, and a vast terminal supply network with regional sales offices that span North America. Learn more at www.tacenergy.com.

TAC Energy Acquires Mutual Oil Co. Inc. Wholesale Unbranded Fuel Assets

Texas based oil marketer expands operations in the Northeast.

DALLAS, Texas (June 1, 2016) – TAC Energy, a division of The Arnold Companies (TAC) has acquired the wholesale unbranded business assets of Mutual Oil Co. Inc. (Mutual) effective June 1, 2016.

Terms of the sale between the privately held companies are not being disclosed.

TAC Energy will maintain all key sales and customer service associates from Mutual, who will temporarily operate from their current offices outside Boston. Plans are currently underway to relocate to new office space in the area within the next several months.

TAC Chairman and CEO, Greg Arnold, stated “The Mutual Oil acquisition is another facet of our overall growth strategy and establishes a strong base of business in New England.” Last February, TAC Energy opened a regional sales office in the Northeast, headed by industry veteran Christine McHale – who will focus on growing the mid-Atlantic region for TAC Energy.

According to Steve Shaer, Executive Vice President of Mutual Oil Co. Inc., “Our primary concern entering into this agreement was to make sure our customers were going to be taken care of by a like-minded supplier, who would by and large maintain the day to day interaction with the people they are used to working with. We wanted an organization who had the resources and a strong supply network.” He continued, “We are confident TAC Energy is the right company to serve our customers in this ever-increasing competitive environment.”

Fred Sloan, VP & COO of TAC Energy added, “TAC Energy is excited to bring our customer focused marketing to this new, diverse demand center. We are keeping key personnel in place and layering in our national coverage, financial strength and information technology.  We will be offering customers in New England and the Northeast the most complete fuel supply and service packages of any independent supplier.  It’s the best of all worlds – national coverage, regional focus, local support.”

TAC Energy Continues to Add Sales and Field Offices

Industry veteran Christine McHale to manage new Northeast region


TAC Energy Northeast Regional Sales Manager Christine McHale

 DALLAS, Texas (February 15, 2016) – TAC Energy, a division of The Arnold Companies, announces the addition of Christine McHale as Regional Sales Manager. In her role, Christine will manage and operate from TAC Energy’s new Northeast regional sales office in Connecticut.

An industry veteran and native of the region, Christine brings with her to TAC Energy a tremendous depth of knowledge, experience and relationships from her rich career in several sectors of the energy industry. According to TAC Energy VP & COO, Fred Sloan, “Christine is strategically positioned to deliver tremendous value. Her diverse yet deep experience upstream, midstream and downstream is part of a unique skillset we are very excited to provide for our current and future customers.”

Christine’s energy career started while she was still in college, working for her family’s third generation fuel delivery business.  She has succeeded throughout various energy industry segments. These include a period in refining, where she led sales, marketing and supply & trading, as well as having held the position of Director of Supply & Marketing for an international petrochemical company. She has developed wholesale fuel marketing operations in several markets throughout the Northeast, while overseeing supply, trading and hedging. Most recently, she has served in a sales manager role where she formulated new and innovative channels of trade for FOB rack sales. Christine stated, “It’s a great opportunity to open this new office and bring TAC Energy’s national supply network, trading expertise, carrier network and fuel management support products to customers in the Northeast.”

The Northeast office is the latest in a series of recent expansions, including recently added sales offices in the Chicago and Seattle markets. In addition, TAC Energy has just opened a new regional field office in Raleigh-Durham, NC. The new office was added, “To provide additional support for our increased customer volume throughout the southern and mid-Atlantic regions,” according to TAC officials.

TAC Energy Launches New Online Customer Portal

“ENERGIZE Online” is mobile optimized, available for customers

DALLAS, Texas (May 4, 2015) – TAC Energy, a division of The Arnold Companies, has launched a new product that provides an improved user interface for managing fuel purchase transactions. Titled “ENERGIZE Online”, the product is available for TAC Energy customers.

phone orderOptimized for smartphones and tablets, the online portal not only allows for placing detailed fuel orders remotely, but can be used by customers to review order history by location, date, confirm fuel deliveries or other criteria. Additionally, a growing library of online tools are under development that can be added or even customized per user.

According to TAC Energy VP & COO Fred Sloan, “The advantages of a mobile ready ordering process brings the power right into one’s hand.  Our customer base isn’t tied to the desktop computer, fax or even telephone anymore – they have asked and we are delivering.  It’s fast, accurate and efficient.” He adds that features such as products allowed for purchase, gallon limits, location authorization and more can be mapped out per location, log-in, or any number of user specified criteria.

Another feature of Energize Online is the product is not app based, but built on HTML 5. TAC’s VP and CIO Michael Davis said, “We did the research before developing this product. The trend in technology is for more of these kinds of products to be totally web browser accessible rather than the traditional iOS or Android app. And it makes sense for our customers. Now, when a customer changes phones or maybe needs to order from another phone or tablet, the hassle of downloading or updating apps is eliminated.”

Those interested in viewing Energize Online from a computer, tablet or smartphone can take an online tour by going to tacenergy.com and clicking on the icon of the tablet with the caption “ENERGIZE Online”.

TAC Energy Opens Additional Sales Offices

Seattle/Tacoma and Chicago Markets Newest Addition to National Network

DALLAS, Texas (December 9, 2014) – TAC Energy has opened new sales offices in the Chicago and Seattle/Tacoma markets, along with adding two new sales managers to operate from the locations.

Jeremiah Jones

Jeremiah Jones

Jeremiah Jones joined TAC Energy as Regional Sales Manager for the Pacific Northwest and will be managing the new SEA-TAC area sales office. Jeremiah began his career in the petroleum industry in 2006, where he gained experience in unbranded fuel sales, supply and logistics in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona.  In 2011 he worked for the Targa Sound Terminal in the Pacific Northwest, expanding his knowledge through buying and selling product via truck, pipeline, barge and railcar.  Jeremiah comes to TAC Energy with a B.A. from Vanguard University of Southern California and nearly 9 years of industry experience.  He is also currently pursuing an MBA.  Over the span of his career, Jeremiah has obtained a significant understanding of the petroleum business and built an impressive network of West Coast contacts that will be a great asset to TAC Energy.

Matt Paulson

Matt Paulson

Matt Paulson also joined TAC Energy as Regional Sales Manager, for the Upper Mid-west where he will be operating from the new TAC Energy sales office in the Chicago market. Matt attended Purdue University, and began his career in the petroleum industry working for the family business, Paulson Oil Company, (POCO), in Indiana.  During his time at POCO, he worked inside and outside sales and rose to the role of fuel sales manager.  Matt continued with the company through two acquisitions where he oversaw and led the new fuel business sales, daily fuel pricing, nationwide biodiesel procurement and facilitated the transition of the acquired customer base. Matt is well versed in prospecting, managing and developing customers, as well as pricing and logistics throughout the region.  He also has handled a large unbranded book of business and will be an asset in expanding the TAC Energy wholesale footprint.

TAC Energy VP & COO, Fred Sloan, states that the expansion is part of the company’s overall strategic plan. “Organic sales will be a key part of our growth in 2015. Building on one of the strongest and most efficient terminal networks and supply & logistics call center operations in the industry, I can assure you TAC Energy is going to make some noise in the coming months.”

Organic sales growth is a major focus for the independent energy marketer. In 2011, TAC Energy made the strategic move to expand their sales and marketing team in the company’s Dallas offices, as well as relocating their in-house 24/7 Supply & Logistics call center. Now, TAC plans to “continue the momentum” with more announcements to come from the billion gallon annual volume fuel marketer.

TAC originated in 1964 when company founder Truman Arnold became a Conoco commissioned agent. By the mid-1970s, TAC was a regional marketer of fuel at the retail level, building the Road Runner chain throughout Arkansas, East Texas and the Southwest. Through the 1980s, TAC expanded into in-store fast food, terminaling, general aviation fixed base operations and wholesale & commercial oil marketing and products trading, (which operates today as TAC Energy).

TAC President Greg Arnold is quick to state, “Without a doubt, we would not be where we are today without the vision and hard work of Truman and hundreds of associates, our vendors, and certainly our customers over the past 50 years. However, this is not about the past, it’s about the future. I have no doubt the best days for TAC are ahead.”

Fred Sloan Joins TAC Energy as Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Aggressive Sales Strategy Launches as TAC Reaches 50 Year Milestone.

DALLAS, Texas (April 9, 2014) – TAC announces the addition of Fred Sloan as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer to the company’s energy marketing division, TAC Energy.

Fred Sloan, VP and COO, TAC Energy.

Fred Sloan, VP and COO, TAC Energy.

A New Jersey native, Sloan has an impressive list of educational credentials as well as petroleum industry experience and leadership. After serving in the United States Marines, he earned a chemical engineering degree and an MBA in finance from Drexel University. His petroleum career includes refinery management, physical and paper product trading, operations optimization analysis, P&L management, commercial portfolio management, sales operations and sales management.  As VP & COO of TAC Energy, Fred holds P&L responsibility for TAC’s refined products marketing division, including functional areas of supply, trading, marketing, operations/logistics and new market growth.

TAC Chairman & CEO Greg Arnold expanded on what Mr. Sloan has brought to the energy marketer.  “Since joining our senior management in September, Fred’s strategic planning and leadership has already delivered incredible results. As we celebrate TAC’s 50th year, I am ecstatic about Fred’s blueprint for our product development, operations optimization and organic growth.”

“Ironically, I really had no intentions of making a career change,” Fred stated about his approach to first meeting with TAC officials.  “But after getting to know more about the company, their work ethic, their culture and success, I came to realize that kicking off the next 50 years of TAC Energy was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Fred Sloan at deskOrganic sales growth is a major focus for the independent energy marketer. In 2011, TAC Energy made the strategic move to expand their sales and marketing team in the company’s Dallas offices, as well as relocating their in-house 24/7 Supply & Logistics call center. Now, TAC plans to “continue the momentum” with the addition of Mr. Sloan to the company’s one billion gallon annualized fuel volume.

TAC originated in 1964 when company founder Truman Arnold became a Conoco commissioned agent. By the mid-1970s, TAC was a regional marketer of fuel at the retail level, building the Road Runner chain throughout Arkansas, East Texas and the Southwest. Through the 1980s, TAC expanded into in-store fast food, terminaling, general aviation fixed base operations and wholesale & commercial oil marketing and products trading, (which operates today as TAC Energy).

Fred Sloan with TAC Chairman and CEO, Greg Arnold.

Fred Sloan with TAC Chairman and CEO, Greg Arnold.

Reflecting on the past 50 years, Greg Arnold is quick to state, “Without a doubt, we would not be where we are today without the vision and hard work of Truman and hundreds of associates, our vendors, and certainly our customers over the past 50 years. However, this is not about the past, it’s about the future. I have no doubt the best days for TAC are ahead.”


TAC Energy Constructs Diesel Exhaust Fluid Hub In North Little Rock

DEF hub located within a petroleum terminal is first of its kind


TAC Energy’s new diesel exhaust fluid loading rack with rail supply hub in background.


DALLAS, Texas (January 14, 2013) – TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, is nearing completion of construction on a new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) distribution hub. The new facility will be online early February, and is located at Arkansas Terminaling & Trading in North Little Rock, AR.

Supplied by rail, the new facility is the first bulk DEF rail trans-loading facility in Central Arkansas, providing the most efficient and highest volume facility of its kind. Also, the new facility is the only DEF terminal in the nation located within a refined petroleum products terminal facility at this time. With the expansion at the terminal, TAC Energy will become a Tier 1 distributor of TerraCair® Ultrapure Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Ken Martin, Terra’s Regional Distribution Sales Manager states, “The exciting thing about the terminal arrangement is not only that it has state of the art truck loading and 24/7 availability, but that it has a DEF terminal operating within a petroleum terminal.”

Both on-road and non-road diesel equipment operators have rapidly become aware of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) as part of their fuel supply chain. With demand for DEF locked-in to growth as new equipment comes online, TAC Energy saw the need in the marketplace to invest three times the typical capital investment in a DEF hub with the inclusion of higher speed rack-type loading. According to TAC Energy Diesel Exhaust Fluid Business Manager Ron Klein, “What this means for our customers is a more efficient supply chain and single terminal of both diesel fuel and DEF”.  According to Klein, there are numerous other advantages, “Higher speed pumps at the rack mean more loads per driver. Additionally, TAC Energy customers can simply add DEF to their existing Loading Number at the terminal; ensuring seamless back office integration while eliminating the need for driver retraining. This all equates to lower operating costs for our customers.”


Picture 1 of 3

DEF will be supplied to TAC Energy’s terminal hub via rail cars arriving from neighboring Terra Environmental Technologies (Terra), a CF Industries Company, ammonia plants in Yazoo City, MS, Woodward, OK or the other DEF approved plants.  The product will be unloaded into multiple tanks at the terminal and then onto customers’ bobtails and transports typically holding 5000 gallons.  DEF transports hold less than diesel since tanker construction is typically stainless steel and DEF is heavier than diesel.

In December, TAC Energy combined its Caddo Mills, TX and Arkansas Terminaling & Trading operations into a master limited partnership with JP Energy Partners of Irving, TX. However, TAC Energy is the sole developer behind DEF hub project. “What this means for TAC Energy customers is a seamless transition when our customers add DEF to their supply chain. We now offer one call, one invoice, one solution supply to our diesel customers who will be using DEF when new equipment comes online.” This is according to Greg Arnold, President  & CEO of Truman Arnold Companies.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-hazardous product that consists of 67.5% de-ionized water and 32.5% urea. It is not a fuel additive and cannot be combined with diesel fuel, but rather is contained in a dedicated tank for diesel engines and injected into the exhaust system using a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The EPA has emissions standards for NOx emissions, particulate matter and other pollutants from diesel engines. DEF, in conjunction with a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) is used in the emissions systems on new diesel powered equipment to meet these standards. When DEF is injected into the exhaust using a SCR system, it combines with a catalyst to break down NOx into nitrogen and water. In addition to reducing emissions, the added benefits of this system are increased fuel efficiency and longer oil change intervals. While the consumption of DEF varies, it typically ranges from 1.5% to 2.5% the volume of diesel fuel for a particular diesel powered machine or vehicle.

Diesel powered heavy duty highway trucks and busses started utilizing DEF and the SCR catalyst systems in 2010 to meet EPA emissions standards. By 2016, nearly all new diesel powered equipment and vehicles including marine and locomotive will be using DEF.

TAC Energy Moves Terminal Operations into JP Energy Partners LP

TAC President & CEO Greg Arnold Appointed to Board of Directors


DALLAS, Texas (December 13, 2012) – TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies (TAC) has announced that it is combining its Caddo Mills, TX and North Little Rock, AR terminal operations into a master limited partnership with JP Energy Partners, LP (JP Energy).  Terms of this agreement were not disclosed.

Prior to the transaction TAC owned 100% of the Caddo Mills terminal and 100% of the North Little Rock terminal, which was previously co-owned with the shareholders of Coulson Oil Company and branded Arkansas Terminaling and Trading.  In place since the 1980s, this has been a “highly valued relationship” said Mike Coulson, Chairman of the Board of Coulson Oil Company.  “We have enjoyed our longstanding relationship with TAC and are now equally excited to be tapping into JP Energy’s expertise.”

According to Greg Arnold, President & CEO of TAC, this move will allow the privately owned company to place a greater emphasis on its energy marketing and aviation services business, as TAC continues to expand its national footprint.  TAC currently markets refined fuels in 48 states and aviation operations in 14 major markets.


Picture 1 of 3

Greg Arnold continued, “TAC partnering with JP Energy is a synergistic move for both companies.  The terminals have been solid performers for us and come with a team of associates that are second to none. Adding these operations to JP Energy’s network of midstream assets is a perfect complement to their business model.  In addition, TAC Energy’s supply & logistics services to our wholesale customers will be strengthened by utilizing the JP Energy supply chain.  It’s a win for both companies and our customers.”

In conjunction with the move, TAC President & CEO Greg Arnold will be appointed to the JP Energy Board of Directors.  J. Patrick Barley, President & CEO of JP Energy stated, “The addition of Greg to our board brings us the experience and intellectual capital of one of the leading independent oil marketers in the nation. This combined with TAC’s experience in terminal operations, trading, and supply & logistics will be a tremendous benefit to JP Energy.”

In May, 2012, TAC’s general aviation division, TAC Air, completed its largest acquisition to date by purchasing Keystone Aviation, LLC and rebranding the company’s Salt Lake City (KSLC) and Provo (KPVU) FBOs TAC Air. The TAC Air company also offers aircraft charter, maintenance, management and sales & brokerage services and will remain based at SLC operating under the Keystone Aviation brand.


TAC Energy Names Carl Nelson National Account Manager


Position Created as Truman Arnold Companies Implements Aggressive Growth Strategy

TEXARKANA, Texas (February 3, 2011) – TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies has named Carl “Cheesie” Nelson TAC Energy National Account Manager. The position was created to enhance customer service to national accounts as well as new business development. “Carl is a natural for the position” according to Greg Arnold, Truman Arnold Companies (TAC) President & CEO; “his knowledge of the wholesale petroleum products industry and understanding the challenges a fuel purchaser faces today brings a wealth of talent and added value to our clients.” Nelson’s career in the petroleum industry spans from C-Store district manager, regional manager and centralized purchasing to wholesale petroleum sales. After functioning as VP of Sales and Marketing with a competing petroleum wholesaler from 2005 until 2009, Nelson joined TAC Energy as part of acquisition, maintaining 95% of the customer base. When asked what Nelson’s secret to his success was, he replied “understanding the customer’s needs and delivering.”

The National Account Manager position is just one component of TAC Energy’s growth strategy. Truman Arnold Companies announced last week an expansion of the company’s Dallas sales office, which will include enhancement of TAC Energy Supply & Logistics services. TAC Energy VP & COO John Rettiger explained “we’re using this opportunity to revolutionize the service our clients are receiving. Integrating our trading, supply & logistics and sales together in a national hub like Dallas will bring a higher level of speed and supply opportunities.”

Rettiger further explained more customer service enhancements will be coming online by late 3rd to early 4th quarter of this year. “We’re extremely excited about the synergy our move to Dallas is bringing. Implementation of an advanced computerized billing system and complete integration of our customer’s transactions from quoting, 24/7 supply & logistics hotline, inventory management and price risk management programs to the highest degree of speed and accuracy with billing is very exciting. TAC Energy will offer the most sophisticated services of any petroleum wholesaler in the nation – including big oil – yet maintain the nimbleness of an independent. It’s a perfect combination.”

Regarding Truman Arnold Companies expansion of the Dallas office, TAC President & CEO Greg Arnold stated “It’s our goal to double the size of TAC in 5 years. In order to do so, we’ve got to be strategic in the geographic positioning of our sales and their immediate support personnel to where the greatest growth opportunities are.” Truman Arnold Companies aviation division, TAC Air, will also be moving sales, marketing and customer service to the TAC Dallas office. Arnold confirmed the company headquarters will remain in Texarkana, Texas, stating “We’re committed to maintaining our operational support services in Texarkana. Financial, legal, information technology and other support services will remain where they are. As we grow the company, over time the Texarkana operations will have to grow in order to keep up with demand.”


TAC Air Unveils Renovated Terminal


RDU Open House Showcases Facility to Aviation Industry.

RALEIGH-DURHAM, North Carolina (April 7, 2010) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies unveiled its new FBO interior design standards this evening at an invitation only open house for the local aviation industry. The event was held inside the TAC Air executive terminal at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

Greg Arnold, President and CEO of Truman Arnold Companies commented  “We’re very excited and pleased to see how the new standards came to life.” Upgrades to the facility include a more open and customer friendly floor plan, customer work stations with enhanced business services including wireless printing from laptops and smart phones, completely renovated restrooms, expanded pilot lounge, a compliment of new furnishings and adaptation of the new TAC Air decorating standards for wall and floor coverings.

“The amenities TAC Air offers and the aesthetics of the renovated facility are perfectly aligned with what our sophisticated and tech savvy Raleigh-Durham clientele expect” stated Christian Sasfai, Vice President and COO of TAC Air as he demonstrated the wireless printing service offered. According to Sasfai,  “Our goal is to provide value to our customers through the services, amenities and products TAC Air offers. By updating our offerings to match what our customers desire, we achieve that goal. Added services such as being able to easily print a document from a smart phone or laptop is just one of the ways we help our customers maximize their time at our facilities and derive value.”

Raleigh Durham International Airport began a three-phase general aviation redevelopment in 1997, which included the 2004 completion of the space currently occupied by TAC Air. It was October 2007 when TAC Air opened its 12th FBO by purchasing Southern Jet at RDU. Even though the facility is only 6 years old, it was “perfect timing for an upgrade” according to Teresa Yates, General Manager of TAC Air RDU.  “Our facility was on par with our competitors locally and regionally, but we saw the opportunity to upgrade while the market was soft in order to be ready when the industry turns around.”

Recent data shows TAC Air’s timing is right. According to Flight Aware’s March 2010 General Aviation Report, general aviation traffic rebounded 22.5% from February 2010 to March 2010 and 6.6% from March 2009 to March 2010.

Upgrades to TAC Air’s FBOs are not limited to RDU. The chain is currently rolling out the new standards to several of its 13 locations, including construction of a new executive terminal at Blue Grass Airport (LEX) in Lexington, KY. The new TAC Air LEX facility is scheduled to open mid-summer and has the prestigious status of being named  “preferred FBO” for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

For more information on TAC Air, log on to www.tacair.com.