TAC Air Consolidates GMU FBO as Chain Positions For 2011 Expansions


TEXARKANA, Texas (October 29, 2010) – TAC Air has sold its Greenville, South Carolina (GMU) FBO operation to Greenville Jet Center. Operations will officially transfer at midnight tonight. Terms of the sale will not be released.

According to TAC Air VP & COO Christian Sasfai, the move reflects a growing trend in general aviation FBO services, stating “consolidation has become a necessary component of today’s aviation services industry in order to provide high quality, low cost products and services to aircraft owners and operators.” Meanwhile, TAC Air is actively pursuing several acquisition opportunities. According to Sasfai, “We’re simply reallocating our resources to where the greatest opportunities are. We expect to make our first acquisition announcement in early 2011, with more to follow.”

The other 12 FBOs will continue to operate as usual. However, Sasfai is quick to point out the GMU consolidation is another example of market trends. He predicts the sponsors of regional airports such as Chattanooga Metropolitan (CHA) who plan to add government funded FBOs where market consolidations have already occurred will be “disappointed” in the outcome. “Adding a government subsidized FBO where the free market has already undergone consolidation makes absolutely no sense.”

When asked about the future of TAC Air at CHA, Sasfai replied “TAC Air has invested millions of dollars into Chattanooga and provides more than 30 jobs. There is very little difference between CHA and GMU in that aviation support services can be provided more cost effectively by a single provider; over saturating markets such as CHA and GMU with service providers typically results in higher prices – not lower prices – as each operator struggles to cover its fixed costs. TAC Air is fully committed to the CHA market and will continue to operate and do everything we can to protect the jobs of our Chattanooga associates.”

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TAC Air Opens World-Class Executive Terminal at LEX


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrates Grand Opening of FBO Chain’s Flagship Facility.

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (July 28, 2011) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies cut the ribbon this morning on a new 12,000 sq. ft. executive terminal at Blue Grass Airport (LEX). The event was held outside the terminal as miniature jockeys representing local tenants’ horse farms “held” the ribbon as it was being cut. The event began at 10:30 a.m. with TAC Air VP and COO Christian Sasfai recognizing local business, government and airport officials from Lexington. ”Everything is optimized for a world-class customer experience for pilots and passengers. Building this facility from the ground up allowed us to design it around the needs of today’s general aviation customer.” stated Sasfai, who went on to explain this executive terminal is the first the 13 location FBO chain has built from the ground up.

Blue Grass Airport director Bobby Owens took the podium, as well as Lexington mayor Jim Newberry. Both stressed the importance of general aviation to the local economy, as well as TAC Air’s vital services to the airport as a whole such as providing the fueling services for all scheduled airline flights at Blue Grass Airport. Greg Arnold, President and CEO of TAC Air’s parent Truman Arnold Companies thanked all those in attendance who made this terminal a reality, including Blue Grass Airport officials.

According to Arnold, “Working with airport officials who understand the importance of a proper and healthy partnership between private business general aviation and public airports creates a TAC Air Opens Terminal û page 2 winning scenario for everyone involved. The terms of the lease agreement between TAC Air and Blue Grass Airport provide that all of TAC Air’s $11 million investment in terminal and hangar improvements will be turned over to the airport at the end of the 20 year lease – not costing taxpayers a dime.”

Arnold stated from the podium that after operating at LEX for 13 years, TAC Air was “giving back to the local aviation community.” A $50,000 contribution in cash and services to The Aviation Museum of Kentucky was presented by Greg Arnold to Dr. Ray Garman, chair of the museum.

Additionally, preliminary plans are coming together for a fundraising event benefiting the museum to be held at the new TAC Air terminal. Inside the new TAC Air executive terminal you are immediately greeted by a bright red replica of a Beechcraft Staggerwing suspended from the atrium ceiling. First used in the dawn of general aviation back in the 1930s, the plane was considered heresy being introduced during the Great Depression – which is why it was chosen for to represent TAC Air. “When we made the decision to make an $11 million investment here at Blue Grass Airport, like when Beechcraft introduced the Staggerwing, it was during a tough time in general aviation. But here we are today at our newest flagship executive terminal completed and ready to go for the World Equestrian Games.” stated Greg Arnold.

TAC Air is the “preferred provider of fixed base operations” for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Kip Simanek, TAC Air LEX general manager, detailed more of the amenities. “We have every service you would expect in a world-class FBO executive terminal – and then some. A high definition movie theater, exercise facilities, wireless printing from laptops & smart phones, showers and pilot lounge with private sleep rooms.”

In addition to pilot amenities, the passenger waiting lounge is flanked with high-definition television programming and can be partitioned for VIP privacy. The terminal also features two conference rooms and an art gallery featuring works by local artisans.

TAC Air has also opened 45,000 sq. ft. of new hangar space in time for the equestrian games. Even after the games are completed, the hangar space is expected to be a draw to LEX when it competes with other airports for spillover traffic from regional events such as the Kentucky Derby. TAC Air originally announced a redevelopment package for their LEX operations in August 2009. These plans included the building of the new executive terminal; the purchase of Air51, an FBO facility that opened at Blue Grass Airport in early 2008; and construction of new hangar space. Upgrades to TAC Air’s FBOs are not limited to LEX. The chain is currently implementing the new facilities standards of LEX to several of its 13 locations, including a recently completed remodeling at RDU, upgrades at APA and CHA, plus a major remodel at scheduled for SUS.

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General Aviation Generates Positive Economic Impact For Chattanooga


Back to Back Events A First at Chattanooga-Lovell Field Airport

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (May 18, 2010) – For the first time, the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association (MAPA) Safety Foundation, Inc. will bring its acclaimed Mooney pilot proficiency program to Tennessee. It will be held May 21-23 at the Chattanooga-Lovell Field airport (CHA). The event will play host to over 30 Mooney aircraft plus their pilots, passengers and instructors for the 3-day event.

Ted Corsones, COO of MAPA commented on the value Chattanooga offers for the gathering “There are few places where you can experience so many world-class attractions and visit so many sites as the Chattanooga area. We are aware of the state of the economy for our membership and are looking to host a successful event promoting aviation safety. The airport and TAC Air have given their support through discounts on fuel and fees and have been a pleasure to work with”.

While the company has undergone several incarnations since being founded in1929, Mooney aircraft has enjoyed a loyal following among general aviation (GA) enthusiasts and are noted for their speed, safety, industry innovations, range and signature forward leaning vertical stabilizer tail design.

One reason for the excitement of what would otherwise be an unnoticed event is the fact that general aviation took a huge hit with the recession. Nationally, GA aircraft sales and flight volume plummeted over 30% from a peak in 2007 to 2009. GA fuel sales were “soft” in 2009 according to TAC Air, but only off approximately 10% from a 2007 peak.

Industry experts believe that while the worst for GA is over, the recovery will be gradual. Because of that, every local event involving GA is welcomed by TAC Air.

On the other hand, a recent event to be noticed even during the best of times was the AT&T Annual Meeting in Chattanooga on April 30th. According to AT&T’s web site, the average attendance at their shareholder’s meeting is around 250. While that may not be a huge event in terms of number of attendees, it does bring in a significant volume of business jet traffic. And with that û a surge in jet fuel sales. “We were fully staffed for the event.” according to Pam McAllister, general manager of TAC Air CHA. “Our fuel sales and traffic volume doubled. Anytime an event such as a sports team coming through on a chartered aircraft, a corporate meeting or entertainers utilizing GA services it means an increase in our payroll, sales tax collections and revenue to the airport û all of which is good for Chattanooga and our airport”.

TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, is the fixed base operation (FBO) at CHA that provides fuel, ground support services and hangar space for GA aircraft. Without the services of an FBO present at the airport, Chattanooga would simply not be a viable option for these types of events.

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TAC Air Unveils Renovated Terminal


RDU Open House Showcases Facility to Aviation Industry.

RALEIGH-DURHAM, North Carolina (April 7, 2010) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies unveiled its new FBO interior design standards this evening at an invitation only open house for the local aviation industry. The event was held inside the TAC Air executive terminal at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

Greg Arnold, President and CEO of Truman Arnold Companies commented  “We’re very excited and pleased to see how the new standards came to life.” Upgrades to the facility include a more open and customer friendly floor plan, customer work stations with enhanced business services including wireless printing from laptops and smart phones, completely renovated restrooms, expanded pilot lounge, a compliment of new furnishings and adaptation of the new TAC Air decorating standards for wall and floor coverings.

“The amenities TAC Air offers and the aesthetics of the renovated facility are perfectly aligned with what our sophisticated and tech savvy Raleigh-Durham clientele expect” stated Christian Sasfai, Vice President and COO of TAC Air as he demonstrated the wireless printing service offered. According to Sasfai,  “Our goal is to provide value to our customers through the services, amenities and products TAC Air offers. By updating our offerings to match what our customers desire, we achieve that goal. Added services such as being able to easily print a document from a smart phone or laptop is just one of the ways we help our customers maximize their time at our facilities and derive value.”

Raleigh Durham International Airport began a three-phase general aviation redevelopment in 1997, which included the 2004 completion of the space currently occupied by TAC Air. It was October 2007 when TAC Air opened its 12th FBO by purchasing Southern Jet at RDU. Even though the facility is only 6 years old, it was “perfect timing for an upgrade” according to Teresa Yates, General Manager of TAC Air RDU.  “Our facility was on par with our competitors locally and regionally, but we saw the opportunity to upgrade while the market was soft in order to be ready when the industry turns around.”

Recent data shows TAC Air’s timing is right. According to Flight Aware’s March 2010 General Aviation Report, general aviation traffic rebounded 22.5% from February 2010 to March 2010 and 6.6% from March 2009 to March 2010.

Upgrades to TAC Air’s FBOs are not limited to RDU. The chain is currently rolling out the new standards to several of its 13 locations, including construction of a new executive terminal at Blue Grass Airport (LEX) in Lexington, KY. The new TAC Air LEX facility is scheduled to open mid-summer and has the prestigious status of being named  “preferred FBO” for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

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TAC Air Adds Number Thirteen, New Location at Spirit of St. Louis Airport Opens Today


ST. LOUIS, Missouri (January 14, 2009) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, officially begins services at its newest location at Spirit of St. Louis (SUS) Chesterfield, MO. TAC Air purchased the assets of Jet Direct, bringing the award-winning FBO chain’s total locations to 13 and adding its first Missouri property.

“We are pleased to add this highly experienced team of professionals to our growing network of FBO’s,” said Danny Walsh, VP Aviation for TAC Air. “We are eager to begin services and bring the TAC Air passion for service to St. Louis.”

The St. Louis TAC Air is a fixed-base operation providing fuel to general aviation customers as well as top of the line customer service, catering, accommodations, transportation and more. TAC Air – SUS is the 13th facility to operate under the TAC Air name, with the reputation throughout the industry for providing excellent service.

Phil Bissonnette an industry veteran will serve as General Manager leading a team of dedicated professionals.


TAC Air Selects Three Finalists for the 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at NBAA Convention


Media Invited to Giveaway at the TAC Air Booth #1025 Tues. Oct. 6, 2 p.m.

TEXARKANA, Texas (September 3, 2008) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, has announced that Sherry Hunert of Washington, IN, Terry Bryan of Albuquerque, N.M., and Ed Rafferty of Shreveport, LA., are finalists who have a chance at winning the 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, courtesy of TAC Air.

The finalists represent three of many entries received since April, when TAC Air’s “King of the Mountain,” kicked off. All pilots using TAC Air’s fixed-base operation (FBO) services at its 12 different locations were eligible to submit one entry a day until the July 31 deadline. This year’s giveaway is a rugged and powerful 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, valued at over $35,000. It is the ultimate vehicle for the “King of the Mountain.”

“This year’s campaign was really about the customer’s experience, and how we at TAC Air our committed to making each customer feel like they are royalty,” said Greg Arnold, President and CEO of Truman Arnold Companies. “We are looking forward to giving away the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to this year’s King of the Mountain.”

TAC Air will again sponsor the three finalists to attend the NBAA Meeting and Convention in Orlando, FL., October 6-8. The Jeep will be given away at 2 p.m. at the TAC Air booth #1025 on Tuesday, October 6.

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the pinnacle of the TAC Air’s 2008 “King of the Mountain” marketing campaign. The campaign is second of a two- year campaign focused on the experience that TAC Air provides. It invites all customers that come to TAC Air to be treated like they are each the most important person —meaning, the FBO chain’s more than 300 associates treat customers with excellent customer service and the best line service available. This year’s giveaway continues TAC Air’s tradition that began several years ago during the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention. Giveaways at previous NBAA conventions include a 1959 Chris-Craft Capri Runabout, a Hummer H3, a Rolex watch, a 2000 Volkswagen “Bug”, a 2001 PT Cruiser, a 1945 yellow vintage Piper Cub and a perfectly restored 1957 Thunderbird convertible.


TAC Air- Centennial opens airports largest hangar


ENGLEWOOD, Colorado (June 28, 2008) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, opened the doors to its newest and largest hangar on Friday, July 25, 2008. With this addition, 30,000 square feet of hangar and 3,500 of office space are now available for lease.

Centennial Airport, one of the nation’s busiest, has continued to show demand for hangar space and reflects the strength and growth in the community. “The overwhelming volume of calls requesting space was heard loud and clear,” said Dan Bryant, General Manager of TAC Air – Centennial. “We are pleased to not only meet our customer’s needs but to provide them with the largest single hangar at Centennial Airport.”

Construction of the new hangar has been underway since early spring with CMC Group of Denver, Colorado serving as the contractor. “CMC has been a great partner during this endeavor,” said Danny Walsh, Vice President of Aviation for Truman Arnold Companies. “Through this process they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure they delivered a quality product.”

TAC Air – Centennial is one of the network’s 12 FBOs with more than 300 associates delivering a passion for service across the country.


TAC Energy Expands Caddo Mills Fuel Storage Facility

The two phase expansion poises TAC Energy for future growth

CADDO MILLS, Texas (June 28, 2008) – TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies (TAC) based in Texarkana, Texas, completed a two year and $6.5 million expansion of its Caddo Mills fuel storage facility.

Over the last 24 months the Caddo Mills terminal, located approximately 40 miles northeast of Dallas, has undergone two major expansions. The first phase of the expansion includes adding three additional storage tanks, an additional two-bay truck load rack, product pumps, a vapor combustor, an oil-water separator and overhead piping. The new tanks increase total terminal capacity by nearly 30 percent. One of the tanks holds 80,000 Bbl. (one Bbl. equals 42 U.S. gallons) of regular (87 octane) RFG/RBOB gasoline; the second is a 50,000 Bbl. tank for premium (93 octane) RFG/RBOB gasoline; the third is a 20,000 Bbl. tank for Ethanol. RFG, or reformulated gasoline, is blended to burn cleaner and reduce pollutants in the air, and it is required for vehicles in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

The second phase of expansion involved adding an 110,000 Bbl. storage tank for conventional regular gasoline and a third lane to the recently completed west load rack, providing a total of five lanes at this facility. The latest load lane will give TAC Energy the ability to blend conventional gasoline with Ethanol for our customers that desire a gasohol product. This addition is a proactive move that provides, with a simple change, the ability to convert the lane from a conventional to BOB resulting in three lanes for loading RFG products.

“This expansion enables TAC Energy to be a viable supplier of petroleum to the Dallas Metroplex while continuing to serve our customers in the surrounding areas,” said John Rettiger, Vice President of Wholesale Marketing. “We are excited about this growth opportunity and the ability to serve customers in an extended market.”

Before the expansion, the 20-year-old Caddo Mills terminal already had fuel storage capacity for 510,000 Bbl., including multiple loading lanes with both generic and proprietary gasoline additive packages with smart injectors. The completed expansion brings the total storage capacity to 770,000 Bbl.


Clark Brands Announces Preferred Supplier Agreement with TAC


TEXARKANA, Texas (February 18, 2008) – Clark Brands has selected TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, as a Preferred Vendor for Petroleum Supply. TAC Energy will be recommended by Clark to those Clark Licensees seeking to expand and improve their petroleum supply options.

“We believe the addition of TAC Energy to our Preferred Petroleum Suppliers further enhances the value of the Clark brand for our Licensees,” said Karl Goodhouse, Clark’s president. “Clark Licensees manage their own supply cost of goods by purchasing their best supply cost everyday. We’re pleased to be able to recommend TAC Energy to those Licensees who are seeking to enhance their businesses with a new source of competitive supply. TAC Energy has fuel available in every one of the 26 states we’re in today and, because they have a strong fuel supply network that encompasses all 50 states, they’ll be there as we enter new markets.”

John Rettiger, TAC Energy Vice President, said, “We are excited to be partnering with the Clark brand as a Preferred Petroleum Supplier. We find that the Clark Brand is very appealing to retailers who want all the benefits of a branded retail program, while maintaining complete control over how they run their business. Our role at TAC Energy is to provide each Clark customer with guaranteed fuel supply at the lowest possible cost, every day.” TAC Energy is also a Clark Brand Licensee with several locations flying the Clark brand in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.


TAC Air Adds Value for Customers


New Self-Fueling Facility at TAC Air – Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (October 29, 2007) – TAC Air, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, now offers customers more flexibility when they visit the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) chain’s Knoxville location with the installation of a self-fueling station. The self-fuel facility is separate from the main FBO allowing customers quick and easy access and payment for 100LL Avgas.

“This is just another value-added service we are proud to bring to the Knoxville flying community,” said Randall Honea, General Manager of TAC Air — Knoxville, located at the McGee Tyson Airport. “Our customers want options when they fly, and TAC Air is pleased to provide one more way to help them find what they need when they visit us in Knoxville.”

As an introduction of the self-fueling station, through December 1, TAC Air — Knoxville is offering fuel at a special rate of $4.25 a gallon. With the high number of weekend flyers and those who love flying but are on a fixed budget, the self-fueling area allows flexibility to customers to fuel their own aircraft at a reduced rate. The self-fueling option is also a perk for those aircraft enthusiasts who prefer to be involved in all aspects of aircraft ownership and maintenance.