Sky’s the Limit for Service and Success

What began in 1986 as a local business , has rapidly expanded into an aerospace industry leader. Starting out of Texarkana, AR, and originally called Road Runner Aviation, the single-location fixed base operation (FBO) was rebranded as TAC Air in 1991. Its mission was to consider what other companies were providing, then turn around and do those things like none other.

TAC Air currently employs over 400 associates at 14 FBO locations throughout the nation, and with a unyielding pledge to provide first-rate customer service, and fair and competitive pricing. Minding their efforts to continuously improve their services, TAC Air is set to continue its steady growth through the aerospace industry. They conduct everything from ground handling and aircraft refueling, to hangar development for all divisions of aviation.

What are their keys to success? What is the driving force behind their exemplary service? Kip Simanek, general manager for TAC Air in Little Rock, says it’s more than keeping a focus on service, “it’s creating a culture of service.” He spoke on how TAC Air recognizes their role as caretakers of their customers, as well as their employees. When a company has well-trained and well-taken-care of employees that understand the clients their company services, the employees in turn can deliver the quality service TAC Air promises.

According to Kip, it’s also about keeping the work environment open, communication channels open, and the operations themselves natural. He comments, “we take our jobs [quite] seriously, but we don’t take ourselves as seriously.” Though not quite the small scale business it used to be, TAC Air prides itself on keeping a family-like atmosphere for everybody. Even within a heavily growth-conscious ecosystem, TAC Air works hard to carry on the “tight-knit family” feeling it started off with.

Beginning in 2006, while finalizing as an alliance in 2012, TAC Air was a founding member of the Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance (AADA). Expecting to remain a “hotbed of growth” in the aerospace industry, TAC Air felt its duty to the Alliance lay within becoming the gateway of aviation throughout all of Arkansas. Being a part of the Alliance is more to TAC Air than expanding contracts, it’s about being the foundational support of Arkansas aerospace and aviation industries as they continue to thrive.

Kip proudly stated that AADA’s relationship with TAC Air has brought the benefit of attracting more personnel into the aviation and aerospace industries in general, let alone their personal ranks. As their relationship has developed through the years, Kip explained that with the reputation of AADA growing, companies and tech schools alike have begun to increasingly move into Arkansas, bringing students and those interested in aerospace into the state and eventually into the industry itself. He adds, “you can mine resources, utilize computer programs, but in order to get the products produced and keep the businesses running we have to have the people who are interested in running the jobs.” Kip also spoke to the importance of personnel: it isn’t simply for filling positions, but stimulating the aviation market, and even the national economy, as a whole. It is through growth in people and markets that grows the industry and the fields connected to it.

Aerospace and aviation industries are not without their struggles, however the AADA’s resources have helped create more opportunities and work through legal barriers that TAC Air simply couldn’t on their own. Kip noted that the AADA is what provides the chance for members like TAC Air to connect with the lawmakers responsible for enacting modifications for current aviation and aerospace, laws that “could be friendlier to those in this industry.” Not strangers to innovation, TAC Air recognizes that as technologies change, and as global business relationships continue to form, the importance of adapting current laws and taxes is crucial to a thriving market.

Keeping their eyes on skies of progress, TAC Air will continue its efforts to seek advancements in aviation and aerospace technology and continuing to excel in first-class customer service. The original article is found here.

RubiconPro Adds Fuelman, TAC Energy Discounts for Independent Hauling and Trucking Fleets

Atlanta, GA (July 11, 2017) – Today Rubicon Global announced partnerships with Fuelman and TAC Energy to provide substantive fuel discounts for independent haulers and truckers across North America. The Fuelman and TAC Energy discounts are new additions to the rapidly expanding RubiconPro buying program and are available immediately. RubiconPro delivers fuel, equipment, and financial benefits to independent waste haulers and truckers that previously were only available to the industry’s largest regional and national haulers and truck fleets.

“The value-added benefits from exceptional partners like Fuelman and TAC Energy further enhance RubiconPro’s offering to the independent hauling community,” said Kerry Grubb, director, RubiconPro. “RubiconPro is designed to help haulers and truckers operate more efficiently and profitably.”

With the Fuelman partnership, the RubiconPro Fuel program provides haulers and trucks with a wide range of products that provide deep discounts on their transactions at over 50,000 Fuelman network locations.

Under the TAC Energy partnership, hauling and trucking companies that have their own fuel tanks on site can use the RubiconPro Fuel program to strategically purchase their bulk fuel; either in a daily spot market or with the option to lock in the price of their fuel needs for up to a year in advance. Haulers will also receive a free Fuel Audit conducted by TAC Energy to determine how competitively they purchase against a third-party, industry standard index like OPIS, (Oil Price Information Service).

“Independent haulers and truckers are an important part of the fabric of American infrastructure and Fuelman is pleased to work with Rubicon Global to provide meaningful savings and efficiency through our Fuelman network” said Mike Ross, Senior Vice President, North America Fuel Card, Fleetcor.

“Our partnership with Rubicon Global provides an important connection to local haulers, providing them with an opportunity to purchase bulk fuel at the most competitive rates in the industry,” said Fred Sloan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, TAC Energy.

Rubicon announced the RubiconPro buying program at WasteExpo in May, with programs initially providing equipment, financing and now fuel discounts and benefits for independent haulers and trucking companies across North America. Companies interested in RubiconPro can request more information online at RubiconPro participants receive special discounts on goods and services central to a hauler’s operation such as equipment, fuel, maintenance and tires.

Rubicon’s technology-driven waste and recycling model empowers its network of more independent haulers to compete for customers of all sizes, operate more efficiently, and grow their businesses.

Rubicon is based in Atlanta, Ga. and has offices in Lexington, Ky., New York City and San Francisco, Calif.


FLEETCOR is a leading global provider of fuel cards and workforce payment products to businesses. FLEETCOR’s payment programs enable businesses to better control employee spending and provide card-accepting merchants with a high volume customer base that can increase their sales and customer loyalty. FLEETCOR serves commercial accounts in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. 

About TAC Energy

TAC Energy is a Dallas, TX based independent national wholesale fuels distributor of refined petroleum products. Customers include unbranded gasoline and diesel retailers, industrial users, transportation, trucking, government, utilities, mining, construction, plus any other commercial user or reseller of fuel. TAC Energy has an annualized fuel volume of well over 1.5 billion gallons, and a vast terminal supply network with regional sales offices that span the continent.  Learn more at

About Rubicon Global

Rubicon Global is the worldwide leader in sustainable, cloud-based waste and recycling solutions. Using its proprietary technology-enabled platform, the company provides comprehensive waste stream solutions that enable companies to reduce operating expenses and implement recycling programs. Rubicon’s goal is to create a more sustainable solution for businesses and the planet. Learn more at See the original release on the Rubicon Global website.