TAC Air at the Braniff Centre, Dallas Love Field is Getting the Attention of the Dallas Real Estate Market


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Here’s what developers are planning at Braniff Airway’s old digs at Love Field

Steve Brown, Real Estate Editor

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When Braniff Airways opened its new operations center at Love Field in 1958, crowds of people came to tour the three-level building on Lemmon Avenue. Braniff’s base was even bigger than the new Love Field passenger terminal across the tarmac. The ultra modern building had offices in front and hangars out back that were oversized to accommodate the new Boeing 707 “jet liners” Dallas’ hometown airline was just putting into service.

Back in the day, more than 2,500 Braniff workers were based out of the Lemmon Avenue complex, which was hailed as “the newest, most modern aviation plant of its kind in the nation.” For more than a decade, the big metal and glass buildings on the east side of Love Field have sat crumbling. Now a $140 million redevelopment project is turning Braniff’s old digs into a mixed-use development.

Work crews have begun dismantling much of the mid-century modern building to transform it into a new retail, office and aviation center. “I think every neighbor around there will be grateful for what we are doing and the partnership we put together to pull this

TAC Air at the Braniff Centre

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The redeveloped aviation complex will be called Braniff Centre. (Rendering of site provided by TAC)

off,” said Dallas businessman and auto dealer Randall Reed, who’s spent more than five years trying to resurrect the old Braniff complex.

Reed has brought in Dallas developer Lincoln Property, Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and aviation company The Arnold Cos. to head the project. “It’s taken a lot of vision to see what this could be and step up and do it,” said Reed, who will locate his Lincoln dealership and offices on part of the property that once housed the Legend Air terminal and parking. Designed by noted international architects William Pereira and Charles Luckman and local designer Mark Lemmon, Braniff’s old Love Field home was threatened with demolition. Local preservationists and Braniff alums led the fight to get the buildings designated a national landmark

“It has historical significance,” Reed said. “At the time we really didn’t understand the architects background and the history. If we wanted to move forward with this project we had to figure out a way to renovate it.” The project redevelopers have preserved the front of the old buildings facing Lemmon. Out back where the hangars and maintenance facilities were, the building has been carved up to create a huge internal court. “The center of the building has already been removed,” said Tad Perryman, vice president with The Arnold Cos. “We have to keep as much of the original appearance as possible. “The Texas Historical Commission has been part of the whole process.” The Arnold Cos’ TAC Air subsidiary is taking about 200,000 square feet of the complex for a commercial aviation center that will offer private hangars, an executive terminal and concierge and valet services.

“This sets us up in a flagship location,” Perryman said. “We had a great opportunity to develop something for business aviation.” Ohio-based Flexjet LLC is also moving its Dallas-area operations to the 26- acre complex Braniff Centre. The fractional jet ownership company will move workers into 32,000 square feet of offices and open a private terminal and 60,000-square-foot maintenance hangar. On the front of the building facing Lemmon, restaurant and retail space will be set aside. And part of the three-level glass and steel entry building will house offices. “We are getting interest from creative and design firms,” said Arnold Cos.’ director of investments Casey Park. “It’s going to be very Braniffcentric. There will be exhibits.” Michael Graves of Gravity Co. and architect Burns & McDonnell have worked on the design of the project. He said the developers are looking at the possibility of adding an office building on a vacant site at the south end of the property. “Our goal is to provide the community with mixed-use opportunities, not just aviation,” Perryman said. “It’s really going to change this stretch of Lemmon Avenue.” The first sections of Braniff Centre will start opening next year, 60 years after the complex held its grand opening.

TAC Air Enters The Dallas Market In A Historic Way

The Braniff Centre at Love Field – redevelopment and expansion takes place to house new TAC Air FBO as anchor to multi-use, aviation, retail, office and hospitality facility.

Dallas, Texas (February 14, 2018) – You can feel love in the air this February 14th as Dallas Love Field starts to see change taking place at the former 1958 Braniff International Airways facility, now to be called the Braniff Centre located at 7701 Lemmon Avenue on the East side of Dallas Love Field airport, the center of the general aviation corridor.

In partnership with the Texas Historic Commission, the existing DalFort Aerospace building, originally known as the Braniff Airlines Operations and Maintenance Base, will be transformed into more than 200,000 square feet of high quality hangar space and prime aviation support facilities. Accompanied by retail, restaurant, offices, auto-dealer showroom, entertainment venues and hospitality facilities, the Braniff Centre will make the Dallas Love Field east-side location off Lemmon Avenue a destination for surrounding neighborhoods and Dallas’ sophisticated travelers.

The FBO (fixed base operation) of TAC Air will feature amenities such as, controlled access to the private hangars and executive terminal, concierge services comprising catering from local celebrity chefs, auto detailing, local event/venue reservations, auto-to-aircraft valet, and secured personal access to all retail facilities located at the Braniff Centre.

“When open, you will take a step back to the mid-century era of aviation in Dallas, with Braniff archives on display in the public areas,” said Greg Arnold, Chairman and CEO of Dallas based, TAC – The Arnold Companies, parent company of TAC Air. “For those with aircraft, you can experience the best ground support and hangar facilities in the DFW metroplex as you travel to Dallas through Love Field or make TAC Air your home base.”

A 6-year dream for local automobile dealer, Randall Reed, the Braniff Centre is a welcome upgrade to the existing 26 acre, DalFort Aerospace location. In addition to Mr. Reed’s plans to relocate his Park Cities Lincoln dealership to the site, TAC Air has partnered with local entities Blue Star Land, LP a Jones Family company and Lincoln Property Company to preserve the history of the location, expand the business opportunities of the local community and bring an advanced aviation facility to the heart of Dallas – at Love Field.

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer of TAC Air, Christian Sasfai said, “TAC Air is excited about the expansion of our FBO network into Dallas and we look forward to welcoming both new and existing customers to our newest facility at the Braniff Centre.”

The $100 million master plan expansion and redevelopment being led by TAC Air is made possible with the commitment of the City of Dallas. As Dallas Love Field is reborn through ongoing development projects, the Braniff Centre restoration and expansion will help restore a portion of the airfield to the early ‘spirit of aviation and the modern jet-setter’ lifestyle as defined by Braniff International Airways in the late 1950’s. Keeping the original cutting edge building design of William Pereira and Charles Luckman that embodied the spirit of flight in the inverted butterfly roof architecture, The Gravity Company and Burns & McDonnell have designed the restoration to meet guidelines and preservation requirements of the Texas Historic Commission and keep this building an aviation landmark of Dallas.

TAC Air – DAL FBO and the Braniff Centre are expected to open for use in the summer of 2019.

About TAC Air

TAC Air is an aviation ground services company providing the highest level of service available in fixed base operations with more than 700 associates in its network of operations spanning across the U.S. from Salt Lake City, Utah in the west to Hartford, Connecticut in the east. TAC Air is a division of TAC – The Arnold Companies, a Texas based aviation services and energy marketing company

Find more information about the passion for great service TAC Air is providing pilots, aircraft owners, airlines and government/military at http://tacair.com. And for more information on TAC visit http://thearnoldcos.com.

TACenergy Grows Pacific Coast Presence with Addition of Southern California Sales Office

Native SoCal petroleum sales and supply chain management shores up presence

Dallas, Texas (September 1, 2017) – TACenergy, a division of The Arnold Companies, announces a new sales office in Southern California with the addition of Ammie Wert as regional sales manager.

Ammie Wert – Regional Sales Manager, TACenergyAmmie joins TACenergy to open and facilitate the Southern California markets adding to the existing West Coast sales team, focusing on new market opportunities. She joins Jeremiah Jones, regional sales manager, bringing her experience in the industry and markets to strengthen the team and expand TACenergy wholesale business.

Beginning her petroleum career over two decades ago in the lubricant division of a regional supplier, focusing on supply and logistics, Ammie developed a deep understanding of the petroleum, construction and transportation industries. While working as Fuel Supply Manager for one of the West Coast’s largest regional freight carriers, Ammie oversaw 1400 power units and four bulk terminals in three states. She continued to grow her career and experience in fuel distribution opening and operating a remote office for a wholesale distributor before joining TACenergy.

With her deep knowledge of the Southern California market, Ammie will leverage her petroleum sales and supply chain management to establish TACenergy position throughout the largest gasoline market in the country.

Fred Sloan, vice president and chief operating officer, of TACenergy said, “Ammie’s focused market efforts in Southern California, and as an addition to the West Coast regional team will leverage the past three years success in the West to strategically grow the presence of TACenergy. By supporting our existing customers and expanding within the market we will strengthen the service and continuity that goes along with TACenergy heritage.”

TACenergy VP COO Fred Sloan assures North Texas TV viewers the retail gasoline supply panic is unfounded

Speaking on NBC5 Dallas and Fox4 Good Day morning show


Officials: Don’t panic; no widespread gas shortage

Spot shortages in gasoline supplies on Thursday were caused by a social media storm fueling panic in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, according to officials.

But a widespread fuel shortage does not exist, state officials said, and people are being urged to remain calm as Gulf Coast refineries come back online.

“Many are concerned about gas shortages, precipitated by both random news stories and rumors. The fact is that there have been spot outages, mostly related to panic-buying. This has geographically spread, creating even more outages as panic begets panic,” E-Z Mart CEO Sonja Hubbard said Thursday in a prepared statement.

The company’s headquarters are in Texarkana, Texas.

“While wholesale fuel supply will be impacted, and there will be some issues in the coming days and weeks while the Gulf Coast refineries come back online, we fully anticipate being able to replenish all of our stores that are currently experiencing spot outages due to this panic-buying. Everyone will benefit by normalized buying patterns if consumers will remain calm. Rest assured that we remain committed to offering quality fuels at a quality price to our customers.”

Even though Harvey was an unprecedented storm, spinning up to a Category 4 hurricane in a short amount of time and carving a wide swath through East Texas along the Gulf Coast, repair and recovery efforts are under way for the region’s infrastructure.

“The four major refineries in Corpus Christi are already in standby mode,” said Fred Sloan, vice president and chief operating officer for Dallas-based Truman Arnold Cos. Energy.

 “Refineries are already starting to come back online. They understandably shut down for the hurricane. The Corpus Christi ones are ready to begin pumping again. The ones in the Houston area where the flooding took place are going to need a bit more work, but government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency have issued waivers to expedite the process.”

Late Thursday afternoon, the Texas Railroad Commission weighed in on the issue.

“There is no fuel shortage,” the Texas Railroad Commission tweeted.

However, on Thursday social media posts put consumers in fuel-buying mode. Pictures of price jumps, long lines and empty fuel pumps added to the flurry.

Most of the panicked social media traffic seemed to be in reaction to various incidents reported in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. QuikTrip was named often in these various social media posts.

According to Beth Kossuth, corporate division receptionist, the company has taken precautions in reaction to “panic-buying.”

“Right now, we are limiting fuel sales to our biggest-volume stores,” she said. “Our pipelines are in Houston, so we are only selling fuel out of our stations with high-volume sales and supply limits.”

RaceTrac corporate communications said their supply issues are localized, mostly in the Dallas area and mostly attributed to panic-buying.

Walmart Director of Media Relations Ragan Dickens said this is simply a supply-and-demand problem.

“Generally, this is a supply-and-demand issue. We have a couple of refineries down at this time, including the one in Port Arthur, Texas, with the largest output of any refinery based in the U.S. Any fuel complications will be one of supply and demand, not with anything related to Walmart as a company.”

He said only one of the company’s fuel stations has closed—one in Beaumont, because of flooding in the town.

“We have rerouted trucks and are getting fuel to our stations,” he said.

Sloan said the combination of a large hurricane, a direct hit on the Gulf Coast oil-producing region and the effect of social media has driven the frenzy. It didn’t help that it happened just before Labor Day weekend, one of the major traveling weekends of the year. “Don’t panic,” he said.

“It was a 25 percent refinery shutdown,” he said. “But the recovery is under way. Keep gas in your tank and wait a bit. Enjoy the weekend. Things will probably calm down during the next week.”

He added that Truman Arnold Cos. will have no problem supplying fuel to their outlets.

The original article from the Texarkana Gazette can be found by clicking here.

Sky’s the Limit for Service and Success

What began in 1986 as a local business , has rapidly expanded into an aerospace industry leader. Starting out of Texarkana, AR, and originally called Road Runner Aviation, the single-location fixed base operation (FBO) was rebranded as TAC Air in 1991. Its mission was to consider what other companies were providing, then turn around and do those things like none other.

TAC Air currently employs over 400 associates at 14 FBO locations throughout the nation, and with a unyielding pledge to provide first-rate customer service, and fair and competitive pricing. Minding their efforts to continuously improve their services, TAC Air is set to continue its steady growth through the aerospace industry. They conduct everything from ground handling and aircraft refueling, to hangar development for all divisions of aviation.

What are their keys to success? What is the driving force behind their exemplary service? Kip Simanek, general manager for TAC Air in Little Rock, says it’s more than keeping a focus on service, “it’s creating a culture of service.” He spoke on how TAC Air recognizes their role as caretakers of their customers, as well as their employees. When a company has well-trained and well-taken-care of employees that understand the clients their company services, the employees in turn can deliver the quality service TAC Air promises.

According to Kip, it’s also about keeping the work environment open, communication channels open, and the operations themselves natural. He comments, “we take our jobs [quite] seriously, but we don’t take ourselves as seriously.” Though not quite the small scale business it used to be, TAC Air prides itself on keeping a family-like atmosphere for everybody. Even within a heavily growth-conscious ecosystem, TAC Air works hard to carry on the “tight-knit family” feeling it started off with.

Beginning in 2006, while finalizing as an alliance in 2012, TAC Air was a founding member of the Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance (AADA). Expecting to remain a “hotbed of growth” in the aerospace industry, TAC Air felt its duty to the Alliance lay within becoming the gateway of aviation throughout all of Arkansas. Being a part of the Alliance is more to TAC Air than expanding contracts, it’s about being the foundational support of Arkansas aerospace and aviation industries as they continue to thrive.

Kip proudly stated that AADA’s relationship with TAC Air has brought the benefit of attracting more personnel into the aviation and aerospace industries in general, let alone their personal ranks. As their relationship has developed through the years, Kip explained that with the reputation of AADA growing, companies and tech schools alike have begun to increasingly move into Arkansas, bringing students and those interested in aerospace into the state and eventually into the industry itself. He adds, “you can mine resources, utilize computer programs, but in order to get the products produced and keep the businesses running we have to have the people who are interested in running the jobs.” Kip also spoke to the importance of personnel: it isn’t simply for filling positions, but stimulating the aviation market, and even the national economy, as a whole. It is through growth in people and markets that grows the industry and the fields connected to it.

Aerospace and aviation industries are not without their struggles, however the AADA’s resources have helped create more opportunities and work through legal barriers that TAC Air simply couldn’t on their own. Kip noted that the AADA is what provides the chance for members like TAC Air to connect with the lawmakers responsible for enacting modifications for current aviation and aerospace, laws that “could be friendlier to those in this industry.” Not strangers to innovation, TAC Air recognizes that as technologies change, and as global business relationships continue to form, the importance of adapting current laws and taxes is crucial to a thriving market.

Keeping their eyes on skies of progress, TAC Air will continue its efforts to seek advancements in aviation and aerospace technology and continuing to excel in first-class customer service. The original article is found here.

RubiconPro Adds Fuelman, TAC Energy Discounts for Independent Hauling and Trucking Fleets

Atlanta, GA (July 11, 2017) – Today Rubicon Global announced partnerships with Fuelman and TAC Energy to provide substantive fuel discounts for independent haulers and truckers across North America. The Fuelman and TAC Energy discounts are new additions to the rapidly expanding RubiconPro buying program and are available immediately. RubiconPro delivers fuel, equipment, and financial benefits to independent waste haulers and truckers that previously were only available to the industry’s largest regional and national haulers and truck fleets.

“The value-added benefits from exceptional partners like Fuelman and TAC Energy further enhance RubiconPro’s offering to the independent hauling community,” said Kerry Grubb, director, RubiconPro. “RubiconPro is designed to help haulers and truckers operate more efficiently and profitably.”

With the Fuelman partnership, the RubiconPro Fuel program provides haulers and trucks with a wide range of products that provide deep discounts on their transactions at over 50,000 Fuelman network locations.

Under the TAC Energy partnership, hauling and trucking companies that have their own fuel tanks on site can use the RubiconPro Fuel program to strategically purchase their bulk fuel; either in a daily spot market or with the option to lock in the price of their fuel needs for up to a year in advance. Haulers will also receive a free Fuel Audit conducted by TAC Energy to determine how competitively they purchase against a third-party, industry standard index like OPIS, (Oil Price Information Service).

“Independent haulers and truckers are an important part of the fabric of American infrastructure and Fuelman is pleased to work with Rubicon Global to provide meaningful savings and efficiency through our Fuelman network” said Mike Ross, Senior Vice President, North America Fuel Card, Fleetcor.

“Our partnership with Rubicon Global provides an important connection to local haulers, providing them with an opportunity to purchase bulk fuel at the most competitive rates in the industry,” said Fred Sloan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, TAC Energy.

Rubicon announced the RubiconPro buying program at WasteExpo in May, with programs initially providing equipment, financing and now fuel discounts and benefits for independent haulers and trucking companies across North America. Companies interested in RubiconPro can request more information online at www.rubiconglobal.com/pro. RubiconPro participants receive special discounts on goods and services central to a hauler’s operation such as equipment, fuel, maintenance and tires.

Rubicon’s technology-driven waste and recycling model empowers its network of more independent haulers to compete for customers of all sizes, operate more efficiently, and grow their businesses.

Rubicon is based in Atlanta, Ga. and has offices in Lexington, Ky., New York City and San Francisco, Calif.


FLEETCOR is a leading global provider of fuel cards and workforce payment products to businesses. FLEETCOR’s payment programs enable businesses to better control employee spending and provide card-accepting merchants with a high volume customer base that can increase their sales and customer loyalty. FLEETCOR serves commercial accounts in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. 

About TAC Energy

TAC Energy is a Dallas, TX based independent national wholesale fuels distributor of refined petroleum products. Customers include unbranded gasoline and diesel retailers, industrial users, transportation, trucking, government, utilities, mining, construction, plus any other commercial user or reseller of fuel. TAC Energy has an annualized fuel volume of well over 1.5 billion gallons, and a vast terminal supply network with regional sales offices that span the continent.  Learn more at www.tacenergy.com.

About Rubicon Global

Rubicon Global is the worldwide leader in sustainable, cloud-based waste and recycling solutions. Using its proprietary technology-enabled platform, the company provides comprehensive waste stream solutions that enable companies to reduce operating expenses and implement recycling programs. Rubicon’s goal is to create a more sustainable solution for businesses and the planet. Learn more at www.rubiconglobal.com. See the original release on the Rubicon Global website.

TAC Energy Online Ordering Portal Offers Customers Customization and Real Time Data

DALLAS, Texas (May 5, 2017) – TAC Energy announced today updates to the company’s robust and comprehensive online ordering portal that allows clients to customize all aspects of the ordering process. The portal provides customers the ability to apply for credit, place and track orders, lock-in spot fuel prices and receive quotes – all through online access or via their mobile device.

“This portal is a state-of-the-art automated delivery system that is rare in our industry,” said Fred Sloan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of TAC Energy. “It gives our customers the advantage and convenience of customizing every aspect of their order which, when placed, immediately initiates a direct follow up and provides access to our team’s around-the-clock customer service.”

The online credit application is brief and provides ease of use to new or returning customers, with notification of final approval in 48 hours or less.

Fuel orders may be placed online, or over a smartphone or tablet, with specific fields for requested delivery date, actual delivery date, fuel cost and the ability to track current or previous orders. TAC Energy’s immediate order confirmation concludes the brief process for customers. Customers also have the option to grant access to managers at their various locations, allowing for different levels of access and permissions for fuel purchasing. 

TAC Energy has, for some time, offered the advantage of real time data for its spot fuel purchases online. Fixing spot volumes at market prices is another key feature offered through the online ordering portal and includes the option to customize volume and delivery windows. Immediate order confirmation follows every transaction. 

“As one of the largest independent fuel marketers in the nation, it is important that we remain on the cutting edge of technology to best serve our customers’ ever-changing needs,” said Sloan. “TAC Energy has always been known as a customer service-focused organization. When we acquired Mutual Oil Company in the Boston area last spring, we vowed to offer not only a nationwide network of terminals, but also the most complete service package in the industry and this new technological solution is a part of fulfilling that promise.”

The portal allows for product quotes in real-time, in that customers may see pricing for any product for which they are configured, at any time. Access to current and past invoices, as well as the ability to import information into a client’s back office system, provides additional efficiency for both the customer and TAC Energy.

About TAC Energy

TAC Energy is a Dallas, Texas based independent national wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products. Customers include unbranded gasoline and diesel retailers, industrial users, transportation, trucking, government, utilities, mining, construction, plus any other commercial user or reseller of fuel. TAC Energy has an annualized fuel volume of well over 1.5 billion gallons, and a vast terminal supply network with regional sales offices that span North America. Learn more at www.tacenergy.com.

Keystone Aviation Hires Chamberlain, Wooten

New positions reflect growth in sales and management divisions 

Charlie Chamberlain, Managed Aircraft Sales Director

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (April 20, 2017) – Keystone Aviation announced today the promotion of Charlie Chamberlain to managed aircraft sales director, a newly-created position in the company’s Salt Lake City market. The addition comes in response to Keystone Aviation’s consistent growth in its private aircraft management division. 

Chamberlain previously was in charter sales for Keystone. He has worked for the company for seven years. In his new role, he will be responsible for growth nationwide of the company’s fleet of managed and chartered aircraft. 

“Charlie is well-respected and very connected across the aviation industry,” said Kim Page, Chief Operating Officer of Keystone Aviation. “His expertise will help us deliver an even greater level of service and overall experience to our customers, while he simultaneously works to expand our fleet, as more aircraft owners learn about our industry-leading service and performance.”

Chamberlain earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

R.D. Wooten, Piper sales director for AZ, NV & NM

Keystone Aviation also announced that it has hired R.D. Wooten as sales director of Piper aircraft for its Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico territory.  He will be based out of Scottsdale.

The newly-created position is also in response to continued growth within Keystone’s sales and brokerage division.  

Wooten has more than 30 years of sales experience in the aviation industry and more than 4,000 hours of flight time. He is an FAA-licensed commercial pilot with single engine, multi-engine, instrument and glide ratings.

“R.D. began his career in aviation flying Piper aircraft, so he is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of these planes and the important role this brand has earned within the industry during its 90-year history,” said Page. “That, in itself, is a great asset for our company and our customers, and we’re proud to have R.D. join our team.”


Keystone Aviation, a TAC Air Company, offers “The Complete Solution” for charter, maintenance, management and sales & brokerage aviation services. For over 20 years, Keystone Aviation has been an industry leader in safety and innovation. In addition to Keystone Aviation’s proprietary safety management system (SMS), audits by third-party industry examiners, including Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and Wyvern, are continually performed. For more information visit keystoneaviation.com.

Keystone Aviation Recognized by FAA for Excellence in Maintenance Technician Training

KeystoneAviation_FAA_DiamondAwardKeystone Aviation, a TAC Air Company, has received the FAA’s Diamond Award for excellence in Aviation Maintenance Technician training. Both the Salt Lake City, UT and Aurora, OR maintenance locations were recognized for their commitment to providing the highest level of training and knowledge to benefit Keystone’s employees, the company and the customers we serve.

KeystoneAviation_MaintenanceIn October 1991, AFS-300 determined there was a need for an incentive program to encourage AMTs and employers to participate aggressively in available initial and recurrent maintenance training courses. Through the AMT Awards Program, the FAA recognizes eligible technicians and employers by issuing awards to those who receive or promote and foster initial and recurrent training. Employers and individuals are recognized yearly, with Diamond Level being the highest award given to eligible employers.

KeystoneAviation_TurbineAs one of the few FAA Certified Class IV Repair Stations in the Intermountain West, Keystone Aviation is capable of repairing and maintaining any fixed wing aircraft. With aircraft service available 7 days a week, on-call maintenance support available 24 hours a day, and a world-wide reach, Keystone Aviation is available anytime and anywhere to provide The Complete Solution.


Keystone Aviation, a TAC Air company, is “The Complete Solution” for your aviation needs. For over 20 years, Keystone Aviation has been a premier provider of aircraft charter, management, maintenance, and sales and brokerage services. Our services enhance your business and elevate your personal life. Keystone Aviation is regularly audited by third-party industry examiners including Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), ARG/US and Wyvern. For more information, go to www.keystoneaviation.com.